Board & Committees
Your neighborhood Five Forks Board of Directors and Chairpersons are dedicated and caring volunteers who serve without compensation for the benefit of our Community. It takes many hands, minds and hearts joining together with the best interests of Five Forks as a top priority, which makes our mountain community one of the greatest places in America to live. These properties are our investments, our homes and our environment and it is through excellent stewardship and friendship that we plan to continue to develop this wonderful lifestyle for generations to come. Your Five Forks Board of Directors invites everyone to share in this esteemed endeavor. Will you help us continue to make Five Forks an extremely valuable and sought after place to live by answering our call for your active participation? We Thank You!
Contact: Phone numbers are listed in the Neighbors HOA menu.
Our address for the neighborhood: 27 Laurencove Rd, Murphy, NC, 28906
Board Of Directors  
2022-2023  Term
President - Elected by the Board of Directors and is the chief executive officer of the Association.  This position oversees all contracts, insurance certificates, rental agreements, and coordinates the activities of the Board.
President:  Jim Norman
Vice-President - Appointed by the Board of Directors.  This position handles duties of the President when the President is not available. Vice-President is also responsible for handling insurance companies and pet issues.
Vice-President:  Bill Helsper

Treasurer - Appointed by the Board of Directors.  This position is also a Board Liaison to any Budgeting Committees. Responsible for collection of yearly member fees, late payment fees, assessments, Association banking and financial records. Selling your Five Forks property/Lot? Direct your closing attorney or realtor to contact our Five Forks Treasurer for HOA closing information. 
Treasurer:  Troy Aucoin

Secretary - Appointed by the Board of Directors.  This position maintains the Corporate Record Book and records or provides for recording minutes of Board Meetings.  This person is responsible for contacting the Welcoming Committee Chairperson when a new resident moves in.
Secretary:  Mike Carter
. Members at Large:  Jim Dickey
Wells – Chairperson addresses well issues and coordinates repair and maintenance items with the Board.  Our goal is to be co-operative, which means that each well would be overseen by a resident served by that system.  Please let us know if you would like to volunteer as a co-operative-person (COP). 
Chairperson: Jim Dickey (Contact for more information)
If you have a well emergency use the contact us form to let the committee know.
Front Gate - Chairperson addresses gate issues and coordinates repair and maintenance items with the Board. Assistance contact:  TBD
Grounds Decorations – Chairperson coordinates decorating various areas for events and beautification.
Chairperson:  TBD 
Sunshine Partners  (Welcoming and Wellness) – This Chairperson is responsible for welcoming new residents into Five Forks and coordinates to assist residents with short term wellness assistance.
Chairperson:  TBD - 
Website Communications – The webmaster is responsible for maintaining the Five Forks NC website. Postings are done by Board members and residents therefore the webmaster cannot be responsible for the content.  Any content deemed malicious, slanderous, politically biased, racist or unethical will be removed.
Webmaster: Lee Rogers Contact us at