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Posted on July 16, 2017 9:44 PM by Mark Conde
OK, so the scientist in me needed to see where we are with this water issue. I fully support conservation at this time and I do want us to realize we are going to hit historical lows if this drought goes to Feb as predicted. Here is useful data and some rough math to see where we are. Guessing that we are being served by the Regolith aquifer (which is measured in Marble and in Morganton and we are in the middle) I used the charts from the USGS site to see that the ground water level is around 1696 ft/above sea level in Marble right now. (Marble well is at 1710ft and their water level is currently at 13.97 ft below that to thats how I guessed the level at 1696)
In FF the well servicing me is at 2264 ft and the highest point in FF is approx at 2530 ft so a little math foolin would suggest we run out of water access for wells drilled at 600 ft at 1664ft and those at 800 around 1464ft for the well I am using. The top level wells would be at 1916ft/600ft and 1730/800ft and 1530/1000ft. 
The numbers dont have to be accurate since we are really looking at how fast things change to see when we will have the most severe issues. The charts indicate we are dropping around 1.5-2ft per month right now. So what does that mean? If we continue the drought till feb we could see 8ft or more (it can accelerate) drop from the aquifer. So if its at 1696 now then the danger level would be around 1688ft. Does that mean we are OK? Probably right on the edge because there are so many other factors involved.
Now, all of this was an academic exercise for me because I am assuming our wells are all 800-1000 ft down but I wanted to know how close we were and since we are now nearing the lowest value since 2007 its worth paying attention to.
So go have some math fun yourself at the USGS web sites.
Posted on July 16, 2017 9:42 PM by Mark Conde
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