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Posted on December 18, 2018 9:00 AM by Gerry Trout
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Sorry it's been so long since I've written a blog.  The last couple ones were written on my phone. Way too much work. 
Well I have an iPad now, a gift from a friend. And I have something important to write about. 
This is our friend, Floyd Bowen.  He was very instrumental in the establishment of our Fve Forks community.  When the Board of Directors was getting started, Floyd volunteered and served on the board for 2 years. Then he was reelected for two more years. During that time he facilitated the establishment of the bylaws for our HOA. Lots of legal stuff, which he understood. He offered wisdom and advise based on his experience as a lobbyist for Exxon in the state of Texas. 
Floyd and Lois were some of the first residents in Five Forks.  Their permanent home is in Austin, Texas, and they would travel by car to North Carolina; nearly 1000 miles, to spend time in their mountain home.  
When they were here, often staying 3 months at a time, they worshipped at the Methodist Church in Young Harris, and played bridge several times a week.  They loved to travel too.  We heard about cruises, trips to Europe, and other adventures.  We also heard good stories about their children and grandchildren.  They were very proud of them all. 
Now for the the rest of the story.  Early last year Floyd was diagnosed with liver cancer.  He bravely underwent treatment, and got the green light to go on with his life.  When he went for a 6 month check up, they found that the cancer was back, and had spread.  He volunteered for an experimental drug, knowing that it wouldn't cure him, but may help somebody in the future.  Floyd was only 80 years old, but had such a good outlook on life, we all thought he would pull through it.  The doctors knew otherwise.  So they began Hospice care, and made those difficult end of life decisions. They sold the mountain house, and concentrated on living their best life while they still had it together. Floyd died on Saturday, December 15, 2018, leaving the world a better place for having lived.
Our hearts and prayers go out to Lois, because Floyd was her best friend for nearly 60 years!!!  How does one say goodbye?  I will tell you that my life is richer for having known Floyd and Lois as neighbors and friends. 
Bye, Floyd.  I love you.
Posted on August 5, 2017 8:20 AM by Mark Conde
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We have been talking about this young bear who has been hanging around the neighborhood this past month and last night he had yet another zany adventure with him.
First here is the classic video of him lumbering around looking for bird feed, apples, or just enjoying the moonlight...
Then, having found no bird feeders out, he decides the Arlo camera look pretty good for a tasting!
Mmmmmmmmmm good. I like the taste of Arlo on bark!
I guess once he decided it really needed more salt he just left it, all bear spit, hanging up side down now point upward into the tree.
But thats not the end of the story!
A couple hours later Mr Racoon wandered down the tree and wondered why Mr bear left this tasty Arlo pointing upward into the tree..
But of course Mr bear, now annoyed that there was no salt on the Arlo to make it a wonderful snack, decided to express himself once again. And... flattened my bear cut out before he left! This is the second time he did it. The first time he pushed it over and bent the 14" metal spikes into a curve when he flattened it. Nice guy :P
So yet another zany eve with, Mr pushover.... his new name...