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Posted on July 19, 2017 9:26 AM by Mark Conde
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This is actually very easy. Here are the various ways to do it depending upon what computer operating system, tablet, or smart phone you are using.
Windows (PC) 
Move your cursor over to the Windows desktop and right click the screen to see a popup window. Find the “New” link and the “Short cut” submenu.
Click the “Short cut” entry and then enter the name of the web site.
Now click “Next” and It will ask for the name of the short cut. Enter FiveForksNC and hit “Finish”.
There you go! You now have an icon that goes directly to the site!
OSX (Apple)
There are a number of ways to “save” a web address to an icon on your Apple PC but the quickest way is to simply go to the web site in one of your browsers, like Safari, and click the web address bar until you see a little icon next to the web address on the left. Then click, holding down the mouse key, just to the left of the web address on that little icon and drag it over to your desktop. There you have it! An icon that will go directly to the web site!
Apple iPad Tablet and iPhone
This also easy to do but you do need to look for a special function to create the app icon for you. Go to the web site in the Safari browser on your iPad or iPhone.
Then look for the icon at the top that looks like a square with an arrow through it. In the popup box click on the “Add to Home Screen”
Then accept the default name of the new App Icon or change it to what you want. I would make it FiveForksNC and then click “Add”.
There you go! Now you have an app on your screen that goes right to the web site. In the example it’s a web site for nasty snakes in NC :)
Android tablets and phones
The Android based phones have a similar feature in their browsers to save an icon to the desktop.
Go here to see a video how to do it..
Posted on July 16, 2017 9:46 PM by Mark Conde
Categories: Computers
Interesting technology development. It appears that the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians plans on building a data center in Murphy next to the casino. Now will this bring jobs to Murphy? Yes, but there will be a question about how many with modern data center design these days being very "lights out". However, what is more interesting, is who they have hired to design this, RTECH Group and Todd Richards. This company specializes in network and telco systems. Certainly the data center is an advantage of the casino business but it could also bring major network trunks into the Murphy area and we might finally get access to significant internet systems! We will see :)
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