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Posted on April 9, 2018 9:03 AM by Mark Conde
Categories: Music
I tend to be a music ambiguity. Growing up in Cleveland OH for much of my younger life I rooted rock and roll genes in me that you will often hear flowing out of my shop. At the same, time jazz is ingrained in my soul growing up around my parents. My dad even had a Dixieland band called Conde's Cops.. But when Im here in the hills or on a stream fishing Bluegrass is the music I appreciate most.
The way I was introduced to this was sitting around in the back of an old grocery in rest haven SC with a friend who grew up in that area and listening to a bunch of amazing folks who came together to just play. The skill and ability always blew me away. Over the years fishing in that area we even watched one lad who could first barely get up on the stool with his banjo build his skills and become a man over time where he would come back from college and join the group. It was all about family... and that's the main point for this posting.. I want to introduce you to a really fun family in TN.
Now Facebook can be an abomination at times but it also allows me to meet really cool people. Daniel and Sandy host a Bluegrass music video stream out of their home in TN and the whole family gets in on it. What strikes me is how skilled these folks are and how much fun it is to just join them (virtually of course) and listen to their songs.
So take sometime and catch some of their prerecorded videos or jump into their living room for a live stream one of these evenings. Catch some of those videos here:
Posted on April 7, 2018 8:36 AM by Mark Conde
Categories: Music
Murphy is lucky to be growing its music artist population. Nothing makes a town more friendly and fun to be around than a local artist gathering us with great music flowing. I met a new one that you should go check out.
His name is Dan Profitt.
You can learn more about Dan and where to find him here:
He has a relaxed country and pop style that is easy to listen to and sing along with him. Dan lives close to Five forks just over  129 and he has gathered his neighbors for great evenings just hanging and singing together.
To find where he is playing in the area check his facebook site. I think he is at Chevelles next Thursday eve ( 4/12) around 8:30.
I wonder how much music talent is hidden away in our neighborhood??